Pure Spice

Branding, Packaging

Whole Spices

The goodness of spice

The freshest and finest whole spices grown, hand picked and sold by Pure Spice. In coming up with a brand identity, Pure Spice was our choice. It is self-descriptive of what the product is about and it’s simple, functional and memorable.

While designing the logo, the first thing that came to mind was the Indian spice box (Masala Dabba), the kitchen essential used through generations. The spice box is the most efficient and functional way of storing and accessing spices during cooking. Every spice you need in one place. Each dot of the logo is a graphic representation of one of the essential spices stored in the little bowls inside a spice box.

Stand up pouches

We decided that using a colorful illustrative style for the packaging would lend itself ideally to the product. The inspiration for the pouch illustrations comes from the images evoked when one thinks of a spice bazaar or the spice trade - the vividly coloured array of spices stacked high in jute bags or containers. For the packaging for whole green cardamom, we designed a similar template for the pouches, with color variants for easy identification between product grades.

illustration details

A more detailed view of the illustrations we created for the packaging.