Planter’s Treasure

Print Collateral, Packaging

Food and Beverage


Sunshine in a bottle

Communicating the benefits and joys of Planter’s Treasure began with the idea of capturing the essence of sunshine in a bottle, and the special bond shared by the farmer and his land.

Nestled in the rustic countryside of Nellimattom in Idukki, Planter’s Treasure is a homegrown brand that produces and sells hand-pressed, passion fruit juice, concentrates and preserves. The logotype and brand patterns are inspired by the warmth of a summer’s day. Clear bottles with checkered yellow and white caps exude memories of comfort and playful views of peek-a-boo days in the sun.

The eye-catching yellow-checkered design on the bottle caps became the brand’s distinguishing identity and has been used as the common pattern for most of the packaging.

Stationery Design

A distressed circle in bright green with the brand logo, blind embossed in the center was used on the visiting cards to convey the organic nature of the product and a similar design was carried forward on all of the stationery.


The checkered yellow and white design used on the bottle caps is the distinguishing feature of the packaging. As the product is 100% natural with a limited shelf life, the use of clear glass bottles for the ‘ready to drink’ juice was imperative. The bottles have an old school charm to them and the shape was custom made to have a sense of familiarity when held. All these features enhanced the overall image of the product while offering customers the goodness of nature’s harvest.

Point of purchase material

The tent cards were designed with the same yellow and white-checkered pattern on the inner side of the card. An evocative illustration of the product was used along with some additional cut and paste elements to project a three dimensional image. This also added some curiosity and pop to the otherwise customary flat tent cards, prompting customers to pick them up.