GTN Group

Branding, Collateral

Cotton Yarn Manufacturing


Yarn, Made to Order

A company that manufactures yarn from the world’s best-sourced cotton, GTN first approached us through its Managing Director, Mr. Umang Patodia. A ten-year long relationship with them has led to us creating an array of designs around a distinguishable illustrative aesthetic. From brand identities for their cotton yarns, to posters and calendars, their quest towards perfection has motivated us to create some of our best work.


Designed using an illustrative style, this brochure reflects the company’s vision, philosophy and rationale. The central figure or ‘man’ that features in all of the print collaterals conveys the GTN story through an engaging, narrative read. Contrary to the customary use of photographs, this illustrative concept was powerful and engaging. 

Brand Identity for Organic Yarn

Both ‘Ecopure’ and ‘Ecocare’ are brands of organic cotton. For their organic yarn, GTN required a logo that showed Ecopure yarn, free of chemical treatments or pesticides. A shade of fresh green represents the organic nature of the yarn, while the depiction of a butterfly hovering over a cotton pod signifies its eco-friendly aspect.

Ecocare - is a combination of blended and organic cotton and required a symbol that reinforced the effort taken to achieve this perfect union. The nurturing visual of the cotton pod nestled in the palm of the hand conveys a strong message. The symbols combine to form the letter ‘O.’

Annual Report

A selection of annual reports we have designed for their companies since 2005. 

Calendar Design

This calendar was designed around a set of 12 inspiring quotes, with illustrations depicting one quote for each month. The illustrations feature the central figure, or the man in focus consistently throughout the calendar. The use of watercolors lends itself to the illustrative style in a light, humorous and distinctively engaging manner. 

Poster Design

Based on the success of the style and concept that was used for the calendar the client requested us to design a set of posters for the office, which would serve to inspire and motivate. The central figure along with the motivational quotes came into play in designing a very effective and thought provoking series. The final effect was very rewarding, both from the positive feedback from the employees as well as the visual enhancement of the office.

Gift bags

Being a company that manufactures cotton yarn, the idea was to use a design that reflected spun thread. Creating an attractive form synonymous with cotton yarn, the design involved a profusion of very delicate concentric lines, moving towards a spooling effect.