Indian by label

Branding, Collateral

Furniture, Home Accessories, Apparel

Design that supports Design

A unique brand approach was chosen for this retail store that specializes in handcrafted furniture and unique home accessories. In the process of designing the logo we decided to take it further and adapt the brand idea to a range of products from cushion covers, carry bags and stationery, all sporting the Indian by Label design. This turned out to be a fun and interesting project that explores a theme inspired by the colourful sights and sounds one sees on the streets of India. 

Extentions of the logo

While designing the logo, the idea of adapting the logo icon to lend itself to other product applications looked interesting. We decided to take this line of thinking further and extend the brand idea to a range of products like cushion covers, tees, carry bags, and stationery, all of which carry the recognizable Indian by Label imprint. This would soon become the Indian by Label mascot.


On the left is the folder that holds the invoices handed to customers. On the right are the price tags for both their furniture and garment line. 

Carry Bag Design

Indian by Label T-shirts made in 5 colours 
Kora cotton carry bags for purchased goods